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Division 3B 2019/20

South Clubs' Women's Hockey League

South Clubs' Women's Hockey League

P W D L F A +/- Pts
1- Fareham Ladies 1's1210114994031
2- Old Georgians Ladies 11283139142527
3- Havant Ladies' 1s1281344212325
4- Southampton Ladies' 1s1271437191822
5- Winchester Ladies 1's1271433151822
6- Barnes Ladies' 2s1283128141422*
7- Lewes Ladies 1's126242427-320
8- Aldershot & Farnham Ladies 1's124171428-1413
9- Horsham Ladies 2's123181929-1010
10- Haslemere Ladies 1s121292556-315
11- Tulse Hill and Dulwich Ladies 2s121011657-513
12- Hailsham Ladies 1's1202101342-292

* = points adjustments

14 December 2019
Lewes Ladies 1's1-3Winchester Ladies 1's
07 December 2019
Old Georgians Ladies 12-1Winchester Ladies 1's
Top Pitch
Haslemere Ladies 1s1-6Havant Ladies' 1s
Lewes Ladies 1's1-0Hailsham Ladies 1's
Aldershot & Farnham Ladies 1's0-2Southampton Ladies' 1s
Horsham Ladies 2's2-3Barnes Ladies' 2s
Fareham Ladies 1's4-0Tulse Hill and Dulwich Ladies 2s
30 November 2019
Havant Ladies' 1s6-0Tulse Hill and Dulwich Ladies 2s
Old Georgians Ladies 12-0Southampton Ladies' 1s
Top Pitch
Haslemere Ladies 1s1-4Aldershot & Farnham Ladies 1's
Lewes Ladies 1's(+)Winchester Ladies 1's
Frozen Pitch
Fareham Ladies 1's2-0Barnes Ladies' 2s
Horsham Ladies 2's2-0Hailsham Ladies 1's
23 November 2019
Hailsham Ladies 1's1-2Fareham Ladies 1's
Aldershot & Farnham Ladies 1's0-4Old Georgians Ladies 1
Winchester Ladies 1's4-2Horsham Ladies 2's
Southampton Ladies' 1s1-2Lewes Ladies 1's
Barnes Ladies' 2s5-2Havant Ladies' 1s
Tulse Hill and Dulwich Ladies 2s1-5Haslemere Ladies 1s
16 November 2019
Havant Ladies' 1s6-1Hailsham Ladies 1's
Tulse Hill and Dulwich Ladies 2s0-2Barnes Ladies' 2s
Haslemere Ladies 1s3-3Old Georgians Ladies 1
Fareham Ladies 1's1-0Winchester Ladies 1's
Lewes Ladies 1's1-3Aldershot & Farnham Ladies 1's
Horsham Ladies 2's1-4Southampton Ladies' 1s
09 November 2019
Old Georgians Ladies 15-1Lewes Ladies 1's
Top Pitch
Hailsham Ladies 1's0-2Tulse Hill and Dulwich Ladies 2s
Aldershot & Farnham Ladies 1's1-0Horsham Ladies 2's
Southampton Ladies' 1s3-3Fareham Ladies 1's
Winchester Ladies 1's4-1Havant Ladies' 1s
Barnes Ladies' 2s4-2Haslemere Ladies 1s
02 November 2019
Havant Ladies' 1s4-2Southampton Ladies' 1s
Haslemere Ladies 1s2-4Lewes Ladies 1's
Fareham Ladies 1's4-0Aldershot & Farnham Ladies 1's
Barnes Ladies' 2s5-0Hailsham Ladies 1's
Horsham Ladies 2's1-1Old Georgians Ladies 1
Tulse Hill and Dulwich Ladies 2s1-5Winchester Ladies 1's
26 October 2019
Old Georgians Ladies 13-0Fareham Ladies 1's
Bottom Pitch
Lewes Ladies 1's4-1Horsham Ladies 2's
Aldershot & Farnham Ladies 1's0-2Havant Ladies' 1s
Hailsham Ladies 1's4-4Haslemere Ladies 1s
Southampton Ladies' 1s6-1Tulse Hill and Dulwich Ladies 2s
Winchester Ladies 1's2-2Barnes Ladies' 2s
19 October 2019
Havant Ladies' 1s5-1Old Georgians Ladies 1
Hailsham Ladies 1's1-2Winchester Ladies 1's
Haslemere Ladies 1s3-5Horsham Ladies 2's
Barnes Ladies' 2s2-1Southampton Ladies' 1s
Fareham Ladies 1's7-1Lewes Ladies 1's
Tulse Hill and Dulwich Ladies 2s0-1Aldershot & Farnham Ladies 1's
12 October 2019
Old Georgians Ladies 19-0Tulse Hill and Dulwich Ladies 2s
Bottom Pitch
Aldershot & Farnham Ladies 1's2-3Barnes Ladies' 2s
Southampton Ladies' 1s6-0Hailsham Ladies 1's
Winchester Ladies 1's6-1Haslemere Ladies 1s
Horsham Ladies 2's0-3Fareham Ladies 1's
Lewes Ladies 1's2-2Havant Ladies' 1s
05 October 2019
Havant Ladies' 1s5-1Horsham Ladies 2's
Haslemere Ladies 1s0-9Fareham Ladies 1's
Hailsham Ladies 1's2-2Aldershot & Farnham Ladies 1's
Tulse Hill and Dulwich Ladies 2s1-4Lewes Ladies 1's
Winchester Ladies 1's1-2Southampton Ladies' 1s
Barnes Ladies' 2s1-1Old Georgians Ladies 1
28 September 2019
Old Georgians Ladies 17-2Hailsham Ladies 1's
Bottom Pitch
Horsham Ladies 2's4-0Tulse Hill and Dulwich Ladies 2s
Haslemere Ladies 1s2-6Southampton Ladies' 1s
Aldershot & Farnham Ladies 1's0-5Winchester Ladies 1's
Fareham Ladies 1's3-1Havant Ladies' 1s
Lewes Ladies 1's0-0Barnes Ladies' 2s
21 September 2019
Havant Ladies' 1s4-1Haslemere Ladies 1s
Hailsham Ladies 1's2-3Lewes Ladies 1's
Winchester Ladies 1's0-1Old Georgians Ladies 1
Barnes Ladies' 2s1-0Horsham Ladies 2's
Tulse Hill and Dulwich Ladies 2s0-11Fareham Ladies 1's
Southampton Ladies' 1s4-1Aldershot & Farnham Ladies 1's
Name Club Open Stroke PC Total
Zoe Stride Southampton 13 0 0 13
Sarah Johns Winchester 9 0 0 9
Nat Boyd Hailsham 8 0 1 9
Madi Clark Barnes 8 0 0 8
Emily Lott Winchester 7 0 1 8
Alice Toynton Haslemere 3 1 4 8
Louise Hopkins Southampton 7 0 0 7
Anna Hilton Lewes 5 0 0 5
Bernie Jones Southampton 5 0 0 5
Abi Philp Winchester 3 0 2 5