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Revised Season Announcement

Given the recent Government announcements increasing the Tier status of many areas in the South, it is clear that it will be impossible to complete the full league season of matches, even if the season is extended.

SCWHL will therefore adopt the fall back position that was referred to as a possibility at the start of the season and the 20/21 League Season will consist of each team playing each team in its Division once.

There will be no League matches in January 2021 and no League matches on Saturday 6th, 13th and 20th of February 2021.

League matches will resume on Saturday 27 February 2021 and teams will play the matches on and from that date as originally scheduled.

This should be the least disruptive means of achieving the aim that everyone plays everyone once, as those fixtures are in effect the reverse of the fixtures that could not be played in November/December 2020. It is acknowledged that some Clubs may still have problems in February if their pitch provider (particularly schools) are not happy about hiring out pitches. If that is the case, please refer to the COVID variations to the League Rules issued at the start of the season as to the steps we will expect you to take.

Matches missed in September/October 2020

Teams that also had to cancel matches in September/October 2020 due to COVID will still need to play them using the slip dates from March 2021 onwards. Please confirm the date, venue and time that they will be played as early as possible to us. Div. 1& 2 to and the SCHUA umpiring secretary and Div. 3 to and your County Umpiring Organiser.

Friendlies/Practice Matches

Just to correct some confusion that appeared to be happening when the November matches were cancelled – Clubs are entitled to play whatever friendlies/practice matches they choose during the period the League is not running. Who you play, which players participate and who umpires is entirely a matter for the two Clubs involved. If you play another team in your SCWHL division prior to 27 February 2021 that will still be classed as a friendly and not as a League match.

And finally…

Have a good Christmas and keep an eye out for further announcements during January/February, as any arrangements the League makes are going to be subject to change if revised Government COVID rules are issued.

SCWHL Committee

By David Lloyd-Williams on December 18th, 2020