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Update following cessation of matches due to Coronavirus

The Committee does not consider it possible to merely suspend the League in the hope that the final couple of matches can be played later in the summer. Relegations and Promotions will therefore be based on teams final positions as at the end of the matches that took place on 14/15 March 2020. See below for promotions and relegations.

There is one play-off match and that is between the teams placed second in each of Div 3A and 3B to determine who gets the final promotion spot in Div. 2. It is looking highly unlikely that any hockey will be possible before the end of April 2020 [the playoff would normally have taken place on 18 April] and very likely that will be the case for May as well.

We have therefore decided that rather than decide the extra promotion based on points gained in each section of Div. 3; the play-off match will take place early in September 2020.

This will require some careful juggling of the fixtures for next season so that the home and away matches for each team will be on the same dates. That will ensure it does not cause issues for teams in either Div2 or Div. 3 when it comes to booking pitches for the 20/21 season. You won’t know exactly which of the two teams you will be playing until the play off has taken place, but you will have certainty as to when you play them.

The winners of each of the County Feeder leagues will come into Div 3 as usual and we are currently awaiting confirmation of how each of the Counties intends to deal with the early halt to the season.  Once that is sorted out, we will be in a position to publish the fixtures for season 20/21.

The AGM is scheduled for May and given the above and the fact that EH has postponed its AGM (and with it the Governance vote) it is inevitable we will have to move that to a later date. We are also looking as to whether we can do it by Skype or something similar.

We collect contact information from Clubs at the AGM so it is vital your current League representatives let us know of any changes to contact details both for the summer period and for season 20/21 without delay. We need Club Name, contact name, tel and email contacts.

We will prepare for season 20/21 as normal and if it starts to look as though further measures are necessary, we will let you know through the website and your League Representatives.

As you know our League Secretary Pat Welford sadly passed away at the end of 2019. The Committee urgently needs two more people to volunteer to come onto the Committee. We have made requests for volunteers at the last 2 AGM’s and in newsletters without success. If you want the League to continue to be run effectively we need people to step up and assist. Please contact Frankie Tierney on if you believe you can help.

Frankie Tierney



No team relegated from Investec Conference back into Div. 1

 Promoted from Div. 1 into Investec Conference: Hampstead & Westminster 2

 Promoted from Div. 2 into Div. 1: Oxford Ladies 1, Eastbourne 1 and Epsom 1

 Relegated from Div. 1 into Div. 2: Teddington 1 and East Grinstead 2

 Promoted from Div. 3 into Div. 2: Harrow 1 and Fareham 1

 Relegated from Div. 2 into Div. 3: Trojans 2 and Woking 1

 Relegated from Div. 3 back to their County Leagues:  Reading 3, Teddington 2, Tulse Hill & Dulwich 2 and Hailsham 1.

 Playoff teams for last promotion spot into Div. 2 from Div. 3: Southgate 2 and Old Georgians [to be played in September].

 Expected promotions from County Feeder Leagues

 Sussex:            Brighton & Hove 2

Surrey:              Oxted 1

Middlesex:        PHC Chiswick 2

Trysports:         Slough 2

Hampshire:          tbc


By David Lloyd-Williams on March 27th, 2020